Focus on your Future, June 2014

9th-12th June 2014

A series of specially designed sessions led by leading employers and Careers Centre staff that will help you to focus on your future career. Many of these employer-led sessions will give you an insight into the recruitment process and a chance to practice for its various stages. Other sessions led by Careers Centre staff will help you to work out what you want from a career, and how to go about achieving it.

Amongst many things you can…
•Improve and update your CV
•Learn to sell you skills at interviews
•Attend a realistic practice interview and receive feedback
•Experience an assessment centre exercise
•Gain employer insight into the working environment
•Find out exactly what skills employers are looking for

More details to follow soon…

Employers want entrepreneurial graduates

Being entrepreneurial isn’t all about starting up your own business. Most graduate employers value students who have an entrepreneurial mindset: that is, someone who identifies opportunities rather than sees problems, welcomes and adapts to change, is driven and motivated, uses their own initiative, and is creative and innovate in thinking of solutions to problems.

Take every opportunity you can to develop these skills at university so you can impress your potential future employer. Keep a record of as many examples you can think of that show your innovative flair.

Proofing your job application

One way that some companies sift through the thousands of applications they receive is to eliminate any that have more than three spelling mistakes. Make sure yours doesn’t! Get a friend to read over it for you before you submit it. A fresh pair of eyes will always notice something you haven’t noticed.

Preparing to crack the dreaded assessment centre

The most important thing in a mock assessment centre is not getting the right answer, but how you cooperate with other people in the group, so remember to include other people, don’t dominate the discussion, keep to time and keep the discussion on track and you will show yourself to be an employable candidate.

This was just one of many top tips given by IBM in their mock assessment centre workshop here at Durham last week.

Ten skills students need when they graduate

The following article gives some useful advice if you are graduating this year:

Teamwork skills and how to develop them

Anybody can be in a team, but not everybody is a team player. Employers rate teamwork as one of their top skills required of graduates.

The following workshop will help you to identify what role you naturally play within a team, and be able to effectively demonstrate your teamwork skills to prospective employers:

‘Identify, Develop and Sell your Teamwork Skills’, 6th March, 11:00-12:30, PCL057. For more information visit

PwC launch Interview Skills e-learning resource

The following e-learning resource, designed by PwC, prepares students for what to expect in an interview, helps you to understand the different interview formats, provides tips on how to prepare, and also uses some examples for consideration:


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